Let’s Not Finish The Year On A Low…

So October kind of sucked. Sure, I went to Leicester for Diwali and to see Phil and a few friends, and I spent a weekend in Edinburgh, but overall it wasn’t a good month. Continue reading “Let’s Not Finish The Year On A Low…”

Reflective Friday: Happy 21st, Matthew!

So Monday was my brother’s 21st birthday, but since he’s started back at university, we postponed our celebrations until today.

He’s been under strict instructions to come home this weekend for MONTHS. And he has had no idea why.

Until today…

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Reflective Friday: College, Argon, and Crochet Squares

I started back at college this week.

I didn’t want to go back to the college I was for the past two years; however, after a discussion about it with my mum and Phil, I decided a degree in Aerospace Engineering was what I really wanted. And unless I wanted to move away again, I had to go back.

My first day appeared to try and prove that I had made the wrong choice. Continue reading “Reflective Friday: College, Argon, and Crochet Squares”

Reflective Friday: My six month plan

Reflective Friday Self Help Six Month Improvement PlanThis month I have decided to pen a set of goals to be achieved within the next six months. As you may have read from some of my previous posts such as It’s okay to ask for help, I have been drowning a little in my self-made world of destruction. And after my post 7 Things People Suffering With Depression Are Sick Of Hearing was featured by Time to Change, I received a lot of comments on how relatable the content was. However, there was only one comment that stood out to me. The commenter received a lot of hate for what they wrote, reiterating that depression isn’t a choice and saying some rather cruel stuff. But what they had said was true.

I wish I could remember word for word what the person had written, but unfortunately the comment was deleted. Basically they said that it was all fine talking about depression and how people don’t understand, but that doesn’t solve the question of what you’re going to do about it. The commenter wasn’t saying that depression is a choice. The choice is whether or not you find the strength to declare war on that depression. Sometimes you can, sometimes you can’t, but you can choose to try and do something about it. Continue reading “Reflective Friday: My six month plan”