Hi, my name is Claire, and I am an engineering student and aspiring writer. I also work in a cattery and dog kennels where I regularly get covered in puppies and, occasionally, poop. And when I’m not working, studying or writing, I’m probably reading, eating, knitting, or gaming very poorly.

I started I Bit The Piranha back in 2012, writing stories and pretty much anything I wanted. It didn’t quite have a niche since it was really just a place for me to get my creative juices flowing. However, I soon fell into a well of depression, and my blog suffered for it.

I’ve since started trying to take back the reins. I suspended, and then later quit, my studies at university since that was the main problem for me. I later decided to go to a college to get my degree in Aerospace Engineering. I now have one final year to go, and then I can feel a little sense of freedom! Well, hopefully!

Since then, I have finally decided to set up I Bit The Piranha again – only this time it is mainly going to be used to bring awareness to mental illnesses and write tips and ideas to self help. I’m slowly on the road to recovery, although I do still stumble a lot. I will be writing a lot about my journey.

Crazy Rat LadyI also have rats – they’re my therapy animals. And they’re cute, and I love them. They will also feature on this site, so I hope you’re okay with that.

Welcome to I Bit The Piranha! I hope you thoroughly enjoy it here. Feel free to subscribe and follow me on social media. Links are in the sidebar.

Keep smiling!