Reflective Friday: College, Argon, and Crochet Squares

Reflective Friday
I started back at college this week.

I didn’t want to go back to the college I was for the past two years; however, after a discussion about it with my mum and Phil, I decided a degree in Aerospace Engineering was what I really wanted. And unless I wanted to move away again, I had to go back.

My first day appeared to try and prove that I had made the wrong choice. I flitted back and forth between my tutor and the enrolment office four times before I was fully enrolled. The college was as disorganised and inefficient as always. I am trying to stay positive, but I don’t feel as though anything has changed, regardless of the promises of my tutors.

Nevertheless, this year should be easier to deal with than the previous two. My main focus will be my dissertation, and I don’t believe my other assignments include any group work. I should be able to get through this year simply by keeping my head down and doing a little bit of work every week. And I do mean every week! I’m not going to fall behind like I did last year.

On top of my final year of my degree, I’m also taking two evening courses to cheer me up: Level 2 Light Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Principles, and Level 1 Metal Inert Gas Welding. I thoroughly enjoyed Level 1 Motor Vehicle Maintenance, so I’m looking forward to learning even more about cars. And I’ve always wanted to try welding, but never got the chance until now. I had my first lesson this Wednesday, and I don’t think I did to bad a job to be honest.

First shot at MIG welding
A couple of wobbles, but I’m sure I’ll get there soon enough!
I’m also still crocheting.
Joining granny squares
Getting there…

The day that we got back from Pembrokeshire (you can read all about that adventure here), my mum and I raced to a crochet workshop with Louise from The Wool Loft. She’s a lovely and helpful teacher and her classes are fantastic. I learnt how to join my granny squares together from my previous lesson with her, and also got started on crocheting a granny hexagon! You’ll have to bear with me for pictures of the latter though, because I haven’t gotten very far yet!

I also finished reading a book – finally!

I’ve been finding it difficult to focus on reading just one book lately. Maybe I’m overwhelmed by my reading list in my bullet journal, or just not putting aside enough time for reading. Nevertheless, I have finally finished reading a book.

As someone who still aspires to one day write a book, I enjoy watching Jenna Moreci’s YouTube videos on writing. I decided to read her book, Eve: The Awakening*, and I have finally finished it.

I wouldn’t say it is my favourite book. There were the odd moments where I had to suppress an eye roll, however there were also plenty of times when I just couldn’t tear my eyes away from the pages. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the book and found it very easy to read. If you enjoy books about fighting aliens on Earth with a sprinkle of telekinesis and a badass main character who takes nonsense from no one, I highly recommend this book.

*Also, if you use the link above and buy something – anything – from Amazon, you will be helping to support this blog.

So what about you? How has your week been?

Tell me in the comments section or via social media about your week. Let me know about anything that you’re excited or disappointed about. Think about what you can do to improve things.

And in the meantime, keep smiling.

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