I can’t get out of bed!

It’s time of year again where I have loads of deadlines to meet before I finish the semester for Christmas in two weeks’ time, and on top of that I also have to apply for industrial placements for next year. Yet a relationship is getting in my way. My relationship with my bed.

It’s 14:10 and I am still in the sack, feeling disgusted with myself but unable to leave the warm covers and face the day…and pile of work I have to do. My laptop, instead of sitting on my desk, is sprawled upon my lap, and my pillows are bunched up behind my neck so that I can see the screen. I’m acting like a slob, and it’s bloody gross.

How is one supposed to leave this sanctuary and force one’s self to make each and every day a productive one, when all one wants to do is take a break now as opposed to in two weeks’ time?

To be fair, I blame my bed for being so damned comfortable!

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