The Pursuit for…Rubber Bands?

Yes, I am a dirty scrubber who looks for rubber bands on the floor and wears them.

My logic? I was inspired by Van Hansis, and I totally agree with what he says:

Ever since I started doing this at the beginning of the semester, I have felt more confident for the future. Okay, I don’t find a rubber band every day, but if you look at the bigger picture, the more important things that you pursue are going to take more than just a day to get.

Van Hansis, as you may know, is another person on the list of people who inspire me, and in the video above not only does he explain the rubber band theory but he also talks about not following the trends and just being yourself, which is what I went on about here (check it out).

So ja, there you have it: Claire goes on the pursuit for rubber bands every day!

Do you guys have any theories like this one, whether it’s original or inspired by someone else? Let me know!

Keep smiling!


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