A reason for my lack of writing…


“What?” you ask.


My uncle in Glossop has a Staffordshire Terrier, who has had puppies, so I’d gone to help him out with them. Seriously, who knew it would be so difficult to entertain seven puppies? AND the mother!

Despite how hard work they were, I loved them to bits, so much so that I named every one of them. Their personalities just got me; they were all individuals.

Okay, so I don’t know where Two-Face is in this one, but the others are as follows from left to right:  Boy, Charlie, Poppy, Trouble, Brindle and Cuddles.

Two-Face (was going for the Batman theme, and she has half a fully black face)

Probably my favourite: Trouble. She was the one who lead the others to their mischievous affairs.

I loved her so so much.

Charlie (she was originally called Hitler because of her tash, but although she was destructive, she was also really comical like Charlie Chaplin, which suits her much better)

Poppy. I didn’t call her that; Donna, my uncle’s daughter, called her that after a previous dog that was fully black.

Cuddles. Basically she near enough always wanted cuddles.

Boy (since he was the only boy).
And of course, let’s not forget how helpful Tara, the mother, was. She was great at helping me out when the pups were at their worst!

It was also nice to catch up with my uncle. I last saw him about two years ago at my auntie’s funeral (she died after a ten month battle with lung cancer), and although it was quite awkward since Auntie Ann used to be the talker, it was…a comfort of some sort.

So since I’ve been given the runaround from 8 dogs, I think I have at least a half decent excuse for not writing much.

I hope you guys like the photographs! And if they weren’t enough for ya, here’s a gorgeous video of Two-Face being her cute little self:

Keep smiling!

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