Axe Cop! Created and written by a 5-year-old.

My friends, Rory and Chris, introduced me to these comics that a 5-year-old came up with. I am amazed by that child’s imagination, and it’s great that his older brother did the artwork and started putting these comics up online. They are awesome!

Check Episode 1 out here. You’re welcome.

Last week’s Proteus!

Our new Proteus Manager, Ben Alborough, made his first Proteus one to remember. You can check it out here:

No plays from me in this, but I have sent one off for the next Proteus, so look forward to that!


Facebook Spring Clean!

Don’t some of you look at your friends list on Facebook sometimes and think, “Who the hell is that?” or “Why do I have this person as a friend? I’ve never even spoken to them before”? I sure used to. But now, ladies and gentlemen, I now have just 182 friends on Facebook. Big difference from the four-hundred-and-something I had on there initially.

I find it is to be very therapeutic in the sense that I am letting go of the past and moving on to the future. Unfortunately when you and your friends go to university, some bonds start to break. People drift away, people change, and you change. It’s sad, but it happens. And then you come back home and you expect nothing to have changed. But things have changed. It’s nobody’s fault – it’s just the way things are.

Most of the people I deleted from my friends list were people I have never/rarely spoken to, and don’t wish to speak to in the future either. Why is it we feel we have to accept friends requests from people we only know because they attend(ed) the same school as us? Or is it just me? It’s ridiculous – you don’t talk to them, you never will talk to them (unless you have to)…so why add them? So you can post pictures of their heads photoshopped onto your photos so you look like best friends? Is it because they’re popular? Or is it because you just feel bad to click that “Ignore” button? That was the case for me, though I don’t know why.

“OMG Claire Miller won’t accept me as a friend on Facebook! My life is OVERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Yeah, that would never have happened. I was hardly popular at school…plus during my time as a pupil my school wasn’t overly dramatic like McKinley High (Glee. Sorry guys…), so even if I had been popular I doubt people would’ve reacted like that. I just give too many damns.

Anyway, it’s Spring, so it was time to clear away the people who aren’t a part of my life. It’s time to move forwards, not backwards. So goodbye to the popular people I never spoke to. Goodbye to the people I’ve drifted away from and no longer speak to. Goodbye to the people who hurt me and made me feel insignificant. Because the bitch is back, and there’s hell to pay! Well, not quite, but…nevermind.

Let me know if you’ve had a Facebook spring clean or plan to when you can be bothered.

Keep smiling!


12 o’clock report…WIN!

Despite oversleeping til 11ish, finding every computer suite near the Engineering block to be full or booked, therefore having to go all the way to the otherside of the university to top up my printing account and print, I was able to hand in my lab report with ten minutes to spare. I feel like a Batman/Superman combo right now.

This means that for five weeks (unless anything else steals my hours during the Easter hols) you’ll be hearing a lot more from me! How exciting is that?! Haha…


An intelligent hard-working person who is willing to be my slave. Must be a muggle version of Hermione Granger, though gender does not matter. They must be experienced at writing formal lab reports, or at least have an idea how to write one, and be submissive to me.
To apply for this job simply comment on this post why you think you’re worthy of being my slave, and then get right onto writing my formal lab report on Error Analysis in Measurements. I want that finished and sent to me by 3:00pm tomorrow.

“Being gay is a choice, fools!”

Gay marriage is legal in the UK guys!

Yeah I know it’s old news now but I’ve been swamped and uninspired lately.
I also wasn’t going to post about gay marriage because, as you all know, I don’t particularly like marriage, but this is a big deal, hence why for a while we were hearing nothing but the song of gays fighting for marriage rights. However, I feel the need to write about it because, yes, it’s a big deal and needs addressing with more voices. I’m another voice.
First, congratulations to the gays of our community for getting to this point where you’re being accepted by more and more people as being normal human beings. You should all be proud of yourselves. I’m proud of you. It sucks that it’s taken years and years and YEARS for you to be given the same human rights as every straight person in the country but thanks to your determination to be heard, you got there.

Unfortunately there are still a lot of people hating on gay marriage, and homosexuality as a whole, but I’ll touch on that briefly in a minute. First I’d like to go to a minor detail which I’m probably going to get hate from (whether it’s in the form of comments or just muttering angrily at the computer screen).

My only problem with a small minority of gay people is that they allow their sexual orientation to define them as a person. I am a student studying Aerospace Engineering and an aspiring writer; the fact that I am attracted to both guys and girls is not the sum of who I am. Unfortunately there are some people who are very touchy about being gay or bi, and forget that a lot of the time small comments are not meant to offend them. This is where I now use one of my favourite TV characters as an example: Luke Snyder from As The World Turns.

Luke is very touchy about being gay, and although Brian turned out to be a super closet case and therefore a little on the uncomfortable-about-the-gay-thing, Luke just…gah! As Noah – his boyfriend – says, he is a writer, an athlete, a big brother, etc, not just gay.

It’s not only Brian who gets the “Is it ’cause I’m gay?” kick in the face either. Although, yes, Luke does have to put up with homophobia a fair bit during the TV show, he is just too in your face gay. As much as I love him, I mentally facepalm every time he starts his little gay pride lecture. The best example of this is about 3:08 into the video below.

LUKE! You blackmailed the poor doctor into coming to operate on your boyfriend, and you think he dislikes you because you’re gay?!
And can I just say I love how Reid totally pwns Luke (pwn? I haven’t said that in years!) in this scene. See? You can be gay without being in everyone’s faces about it, without being ashamed about it. Thank you.

What inspired this little rant was mainly because of a beautifully satire article written when gay marriage was approved last month. The article is called OMG! Marriage is now worthless! And boy did it get some comments from ‘Say yay for the gays’ people. You should really check the article out, and its comments.

Personally I loved the article. It made me chuckle, showing with few words how ridiculous it is to think that gay marriage has devalued marriage as a whole. Sadly I don’t think many people read the whole thing before they started bitching about the writer of this article since it obviously didn’t click that she actually supports gay marriage.

To all the touchy gays out there,

Please pipe down and stop jumping down people’s throats just because you’re gay, and realise there is more to you than just that three lettered word.


A bisexual who feels like she’s banging her head against a brick wall because of you nuggets.

Now onto actual homophobia.
If you go to a video on YouTube that’s to do with homosexuality, you are bound to find an arsehole who has decided to post something about how being gay is a choice and how it’s the wrong choice and it’s “disgusting” or something along those lines.
Why are these people viewing these damned videos?!

It drives me up the wall because people then REACT to said comment and before you know it the comments section of every gay video is filled with the usual debate.
“Being gay is a choice, fools!”
Sure. Sure it’s a choice. There’s a gay-straight switch behind everyone’s left ear and I sellotaped mine to stay in the middle because I’m an engineer and I knew that way I’d have both guys and girls on my arm. I don’t understand the logic behind homosexuality  being a choice. I’m guessing my application form was lost in the post to be part of a sexual orientation. Damn. Were we supposed to get that form along with our application form for high schools or colleges or universities? My bad!
I’m pretty proud of how well that form turned out…
But anyway. As I’m sure you are aware I have somewhat spoken about homophobia in an article that I wrote a while back which actually got published in my local newspaper, so I’m not going to repeat myself on other concepts of homophobia. Let’s just accept that being gay is not a choice.
I understand that not everyone understands the whole concept of being gay, but surely it would be better and easier for everyone if those people just accepted gays and continued to live their lives their way without trying to make others follow them. For example I don’t really understand cross dressing, but I will accept cross dressers for who they are and I just won’t cross dress like them.
Can’t the world just hurry up and be a totally accepting place already?
If you’ve got anything you feel needs desperately adding, please write it in the comments section. I’m gonna stop going on about the whole homophobia thing now because it’s giving me a headache.
Keep smiling!

♫ Claire’s a fool, Claire’s a fool, Claire’s a foooool… ♫

I am failure of a human being.

I have started writing a list of my flaws so that you guys can laugh at or relate to me, while I try to embrace these awkward things about me. So you can be expecting a post every so often detailing something on that list that just makes people sing

♫ Claire’s a fool, Claire’s a fool, Claire’s a foooool! ♫

If that is not a football tune you are using as the backing track for these lyrics, you are a nugget.
Like a chicken nugget.
Speak to you guys soon. Keep smiling!