“Where’s My Catnip?” airing today, 3-4pm GMT

I’ll be expecting you all on LUSH Radio!

Expecting youuuuuuu…….

We’ve got some catchin’ up to do

BOOM! I’m writing. It’s about time, huh?

Why is it as soon as I hand in one assignment I get another to do? Stop it, uni! Stop!

Okay so Saturday Adam and I did our first on-air radio appearance for our show, “Where’s My Catnip?”. I was freaking the hell out! But despite some slight technical difficulties we did okay…although I don’t appreciate Adam rubbing it in my face that I never had the Batman comics…grr…

But ja, “Where’s My Catnip?” – every Saturday 3-4pm GMT on LUSH Radioooooo! We’re crazy on there.

What else have I been doing? I’ve mainly been doing work for my course. I’ve had badass CAD assignments to do on Solidworks, and I still really need to do some work for MATLAB (don’t ask about it, really!). I did, however, start writing a play to propose for LUTheatre next year. I’m not talking one of those 5-10mins ones I do for Proteus; I mean a full on production. I’ll let you know closer to me finishing the bugger what it’s about, but I can assure you it’s not one of those lovey dovey romantic things. I’ve also written an article for my uni’s magazine, The Ripple, and am working on another article about certain train stations…

Speaking of romantic things, who’s looking forward to Valentine’s Day? Now I never do Valentine’s Day, and it’s not because I’m single every time it comes around – I’ll have you know I was in a relationship during the last one and we still treated it like a normal day. In fact he went to Manchester or somewhere with his friend. I just don’t see the point in Valentine’s Day. However, this V-Day I have a reason to look forward to it. My mother got all excited when I told her this on the phone:

“Ohh? Why?”

I said, “Because the new Die Hard film’s coming out then!”

The disappointment in her voice at that! No, seriously, I LOVE Bruce Willis; that man will still be able to do badass films properly when he’s 80. So he’s my “valentine” this year.

Also I finally watched Django on Friday, and OH MY GOD! I never thought I’d be so fascinated watching white people being shot. I always thought it was so boring watching people being shot – the first three Saw films made me bloodthirsty…or was it a film I saw before them? But wow. Just wow. And Leonardo DiCaprio does bad soooo good. I love that man!

And if you’re wondering how I’m getting along with my new year goals, I have been eating a lot more fruit, a lot less snacks, and successfully been exercising twice a week since the end of exams, and I have some work experience in a garage lined up for the Easter holidays when I go back home. BOOM! In the meantime I am trying in vain to focus on my studies, and helping out with the techie stuff for this term’s LUTheatre productions. Yes, I’m being trained as a techie! I told you I’m taking this whole getting experience thing seriously!

Now for this week’s Song Of The Week. This week it’s a song called “Almost Lover” by A Fine Frenzy, because I’ve finally given up on my almost lover. A friend made me open my eyes and realise that I just don’t have the time for a relationship at this time. I’m also too selfish. Not necessarily selfish in the bad manner of speaking; I’m merely putting everything else second to my future career. My future has always been my everything, so a relationship would be terribly malnourished if I was to be in one. Also myself and this other person have been almost lovers since before Christmas, and things have just been getting in the way of us. I think that is another sign that this just isn’t the right time for us, if there is to be a right time.

Anyway, here’s the song, enjoy!


Ooh! And I found these drag queens on YouTube and couldn’t stop laughing at their songs. They’re brilliant:

Keep smiling!


Video ain’t gonna kill THIS radio star!

If you’re thinking that I am going on radio you are oh so terribly…right.

Saturdays at 3 til 4pm are never going to be the same again starting this weekend when I collaborate with the darling AdamMadeAFunny on LUSH radio talking all kinds of utter madness! Not one to laugh and shout on a stage (I prefer to do that from a sofa in the Student Union) I am already a trembling wreck every time I think about being on air – I’ve been on air once before and I couldn’t even get one word out without stammering – but hopefully it’ll be better this time around since I won’t be commenting on politics and instead be goofing about with Adam.

As for the name of the show, Adam came up with the ingenious idea of “Where’s My Catnip?”. At the moment I’m going for a mainly hands-off approach since this was all Adam’s idea, allowing him to make the show the way he wants it to be, but once we settle down he is going to be bombarded! He’s already got the idea for us to do a “Douchebag of the Week” section, courtesy of all the idiots that get plastered onto the tabloids, and also a “What The Hell Is Wrong With You?” for all the weird news stories out there. Like that man in Jo’burg whose dreadlocks were stolen.



So if you’ve seen any douchebags on the news, or thought “Da Fudge?!” at a news story, let me know!

Also don’t forget to check out Adam’s blog and his latest YouTube video!

Keep smiling!