I’m sorry to say goodbye…

Hi guys, I have some bad news.
Unfortunately, I’m going to have to say goodbye to I Bit The Piranha for good. Something I don’t like to talk about is my biological father. He’s not in my life for good reason, and I even changed my surname to distance myself from him.
But for some reason I never thought that he might one day find my blog…until today when he messaged me. He started talking about my depression and other things I only disclosed on my blog. Although I’ve blocked him and told him to leave me alone, I can’t continue blogging knowing that he’s probably reading it.
It breaks my heart that it’s had to come to this, but I hope you can all respect my decision.
Thank you for reading and following I Bit The Piranha. And keep smiling.

Let’s Not Finish The Year On A Low…

So October kind of sucked. Sure, I went to Leicester for Diwali and to see Phil and a few friends, and I spent a weekend in Edinburgh, but overall it wasn’t a good month. Continue reading “Let’s Not Finish The Year On A Low…”

Vitamin D Awareness Week (+ Giveaway!)

This week is Vitamin D Awareness Week, brought to you by BetterYou. This post contains affiliate links to BetterYou products that I believe you will find very helpful. If you purchase any of the products through the links provided, I will receive a small commission as no extra cost to you.

Thank you in advance for supporting this blog.

Did you know that approximately 10 MILLION people in the UK alone have low levels of vitamin D?

This isn’t really surprising considering the fact that our main source of vitamin D is sunlight; the UK experiences sunshine about 2-3 weeks out of the year in total.

I’m just kidding: it’s 5 weeks.

But in all seriousness, vitamin D deficiency is a problem, especially during the winter when the days grow shorter and colder. Continue reading “Vitamin D Awareness Week (+ Giveaway!)”

Stop Saying You’re OCD – You’re Probably Not

I feel the urge to correct people’s spelling, especially when they use incorrect homophones.

The volume on my radio has to be set to particular numbers: 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 10, 13, 15, 17, 18, 20, etc.

I take odd (the first, third, etc) steps using my left foot, and even steps with my right foot.

I’m admittedly a perfectionist, and will often do things over and over again if I’m not happy with the outcome.

But I do not have OCD.

Continue reading “Stop Saying You’re OCD – You’re Probably Not”

Meet My Therapy Animals: RATS!

How I came to have seven pet rats and why I think they’re the best therapy animals.

So I have seven rats.

I know that probably sounds really weird to a few people, but my rats are truly the best pets I could ask for. Continue reading “Meet My Therapy Animals: RATS!”

6 Ways Crafts Can Help With Managing Depression

I hate it when people tell me to “do something to take your mind off it” when I talk about my down moments. However, as frustrating as it is, those people are right. Unlike those people who offer their closed-minded “advice” and opinions…

Becoming so engrossed in a hobby to the point that I can escape the deep, dark pit within me has often helped me manage my depression. Yes, I still struggle with my mental health, but more often than not it helps to do something.

Crafts are a fantastic way to escape the claws of depression. Continue reading “6 Ways Crafts Can Help With Managing Depression”